20 Feb 2024

Farmer Protest 2.0: Peasants Set to March to Delhi on 21 February, Challenge Central Government Over MSP

Thousands of farmers, unwavering in their demand for a guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP) law, have once again rejected the Central Government's proposal and declared their intent to march to Delhi on February 21. In a meeting with protesting farmers at Shambhu border, farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher emphasized their refusal to accept the government's MSP proposal in the fourth negotiation.

Farmer Leader Deems Govt Proposal Unfavorable to Farmers

Addressing the press at Shambhu border after the meeting, farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal expressed the collective rejection of the government's MSP proposal by farmer leaders. Dallewal scrutinized the proposal, asserting that it lacks any substantial benefits for farmers and is not in their favor.

Farmer Leaders Criticize Punjab Govt, Condemn Actions at the Border

Farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal also raised questions on the Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab. He said, the way farmers were treated at the (Shambhu) border is condemnable. The main reason for inviting Punjab CM Mann to the meetings was to raise the issue of barricading on the border. The people of his state (Punjab) are facing tear gas shelling from the neighboring state. Mann promised to look into the situation, but he did not. He should have put this issue before the ministers.

Farmer Leaders Call on Supreme Court to Address Pellet Gun Usage

In an appeal to the Supreme Court, farmer leaders urged the judiciary to take suo motu cognizance of the use of pellet guns. The leaders cited a statement from Haryana DGP denying the use of pellet guns and tear gas. Dallewal requested the court to investigate those responsible for these acts.

Pandher Accuses Punjab Govt of Collusion with Centre

Accusing the Punjab government of collusion with the NDA, Sarwan Singh Pandher, the General Secretary of Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, criticized the government's failure to protect citizens' rights. Pandher questioned the state's authority to permit the shutdown of the internet without consulting Centre and raised concerns about the impact on children's education.

Govt's Fourth-Round Proposal to Farmers

Following the fourth round of talks, Union Minister Piyush Goyal outlined the government's proposal, emphasizing contracts with cooperative societies like the National Cooperative Consumer Federation and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India for the purchase of crops like 'Arhar Dal', 'Urad Dal', 'Masoor Dal', and maize at MSP for the next five years. Goyal also proposed a similar agreement with the Cotton Corporation of India for the purchase of cotton from farmers at MSP for five years, with no quantity limits, facilitated through a dedicated portal.

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