13 Feb 2024

Farmers' Protest 2.0 Update: Seven Security Personnel Injured, Admitted to Ambala Civil Hospital – What Did Doctor Reveal?"

The seven security personnel injured during the farmers' protest 2.0 are in stable condition. This was been revealed by Sangeeta Goyal, the Principal Medical Officer in Ambala. These injuries occurred in clashes related to the ongoing farmers' movement, and the affected cops have been admitted to Ambala's Civil Hospital.

Providing details, Sangeeta Goyal stated, "We have seven cases at the moment, consisting of four Haryana Police officers and three from the Rapid Action Force. All of them are stable and conscious."

Among the injured is a DSP, and when asked about his condition, Sangeeta Goyal explained, "He sustained injuries to the head and leg due to a fall, resulting in bleeding from the head. A CT scan has been conducted, and the results show no major concerns."

Sangeeta emphasized that the Ambala hospital is fully prepared to handle any situation that may arise. 

Additionally, stringent measures have been implemented at the Punjab-Haryana border to prevent farmers from advancing towards Delhi with their demands. Incidents of clashes between farmers and security forces have been reported at the Shambhu border and other locations.

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