16 Feb 2024

Farmers protest on Shambhu border: Atmosphere remained tense after a peasant's death

On the fourth day of farmers' agitation on the Shambhu border between Haryana and Punjab the atmosphere became tense after the death of a peasant due to heart attack.

Last night there were lengthy talks between the farmer leaders and the Central government delegation, but these talks also remained inconclusive.

Now the fourth round of talks between the government and farmers is to be held on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere remained tense after the death of a farmer due to heart attack on the border.

At around 3 o'clock there was a clash between the farmers and the police and a large number of tear gas shells were fired.

Now a permanent platform of farmers has also been built at Shambhu border and farmer leaders are giving speeches from this platform.

Sloganeering after the farmer's death

There has been a lot of sloganeering after the death of the farmer and the farmers are shouting slogans calling the deceased a martyr.

However, on Thursday, the third day of the movement, the atmosphere at the front remained peaceful and there was no clash between the police and the agitating farmers. Some tear gas shells were definitely fired in the night.

The number of women agitators on Friday was more at Shambhu Border as compared to the last three days. Meanwhile, farmers continue to arrive.

There are a large number of youth agitators near the border. However, till now the farmer leaders are keeping them under control.

Farmer leaders say that the movement will be carried out in a peaceful manner.

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