8 Feb 2024

First premiere of 'Lapata Ladies' held in City of Lakes; Aamir Khan said Bhopal is one of most picturesque locations in India


The first premiere of Aamir Khan production's film 'Lapata Ladies' was held on Wednesday at Cine Polis, DB Mall, Bhopal. During this, many actors including actors Ravi Kishan, Sparsh Srivastava, Nitanshi Goyal and Pratibha were present along with Aamir Khan and the film's director Kiran Rao.

The Laapataa Ladies team received overwhelming love and acclaim from the residents of Bhopal during the exclusive premiere of their film. Engaging with fans during the event, the team made a memorable connection with the audience.

Aamir Khan, present at the special screening in the City of Lakes, fondly reminisced about the past, stating, "My father hails from Bhopal. I've visited the city 3-4 times, and it's truly a beautiful place. I believe it's one of the most picturesque locations in India."

Expressing gratitude for the local support, the superstar, along with Kiran Rao and cast members Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastav, and Nitanshi Goel, delighted the audience by dancing to the 'Doubtwa' song from the film.

Laapataa Ladies unfolds its narrative in 2001 in rural India, revolving around two young brides who lose their way on a train, leading to a captivating journey filled with puzzles for those involved.

Earlier, Aamir Khan, the film's producer, shared his excitement, stating, "I am thrilled by the positive response from the audience, press, and industry for 'Laapataa Ladies.' I take particular pride in Kiran's emergence as a strong voice in the popular space! Eagerly anticipating the film's release."

Kiran Rao overwhelmed by villagers' love

Earlier, Aamir Khan production's film 'Lapata Ladies' was promoted in village Bamulia of Sehore district. To promote the film, Aamir Khan's ex-wife and the film's director Kiran Rao reached village Bamulia with her entire team. The villagers were also very happy to find Kiran among them and they welcomed her warmly.

Kiran Rao chatted with the villagers for a long time and also informed people about the film. When Kiran Rao reached the village, a large number of villagers welcomed her. Kiran Rao also got photographs clicked with the villagers.

Director Kiran Rao, overwhelmed by the love and hospitality shown by the villagers expressed her gratitude to the villagers and also got a photo session done with them. During this, Kiran Rao also played backgammon with the villagers.

Missing Ladies is made under the banner of Aamir Khan Production House. The film 'Missing Ladies' based on the story of 'Biplav Goswami' has received a standing ovation during its screening in Toronto.

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