8 Feb 2024

Rising Star Sachin Dhas: Fulfilling Father's Dream and Making Headlines in U-19 World Cup 2024


A special and enduring connection with Indian cricket has emerged through Sachin Dhas, the rising star of the Under-19 team, who is capturing attention with his stellar performances in the ICC U-19 World Cup 2024.

While Sachin Tendulkar's legacy is well-known, a new Sachin is making waves—Sachin Dhas, a key player in the Indian Under-19 team that has advanced to the World Cup final. He is gaining recognition for his formidable batting skills.

India's Under-19 team showcased an outstanding performance in the World Cup, securing a spot in the final by defeating host South Africa. In the crucial semi-final match, Sachin Dhas, along with Captain Uday Saharan, played a pivotal role in turning the game around with their record partnership of 171 runs for the fifth wicket. 

Although Sachin fell short of a century, scoring 96 runs, and Uday contributed with 81 runs, their partnership was instrumental in India's triumph.

Hailing from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, Sachin Dhas has been a consistent performer in the tournament. His exceptional innings in the semi-final against South Africa further propelled him into the limelight.

Fulfilling Father's Dream

Sachin Dhas, a resident of Beed, Maharashtra, is not just a talented cricketer but also realizing his father Sanjay Dhas's dream. Born into a family of athletes, Sachin's father, a cricket enthusiast, had envisioned his son becoming a cricketer from a young age. 

Despite some opposition from Sachin's mother, who emphasized the importance of education, Sanjay remained steadfast in his decision to nurture Sachin's cricketing talent.

Sachin's father expressed, "There is great power in the name Sachin. It seems as if Sachin has received his blessings in the form of the name and he has been able to perform well." Sachin has indeed made his mark, presenting his father with a memorable birthday gift—a century against Nepal in the Under-19 World Cup.

The Story Behind the Name Sachin

Sanjay Dhas revealed that his admiration for cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar inspired the choice of his son's name. He believes that the name itself carries a certain power and blessings, evident in Sachin's impressive performances on the field, including scoring a century against Nepal.

Unforgettable Moments and Bat Inspection

Sachin Dhas is not only known for his powerful batting but also for hitting towering sixes on the field. Coach Sheikh Azhar highlighted Sachin's ability to send the ball beyond the boundary with high sixes. 

Sanjay Dhas recalled an incident during an Under-16 tournament where Sachin's exceptional six-hitting prowess raised eyebrows. The referee, skeptical of how someone with a seemingly less robust physique could achieve such remarkable hits, even inspected Sachin's bat to ensure it complied with regulations.

As Sachin continues to trouble opponents with his impressive shots in the Under-19 World Cup, Sanjay Dhas expresses his hope for his son to excel in the finals, secure the World Cup for the team, and eventually make his mark in the senior team.

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