19 Feb 2024

Kamal Nath's Party Switch Suspense: What Are Latest Developments?

The suspense surrounding Kamal Nath's departure from the Congress in Madhya Pradesh and potential joining of the BJP has intensified. While both Kamal Nath and Congress leaders refrained from commenting on the matter initially, recent statements from figures close to Kamal Nath, including Digvijaya Singh and Jitu Patwari, have shed light on the situation. These leaders have dismissed the speculations as a conspiracy after conversing with Kamal Nath.

The question of Kamal Nath's continued allegiance to the Congress has been a topic of speculation for the past three days amidst rumors of a potential shift to the BJP. However, current indications from Congress leaders suggest that Kamal Nath is likely to remain with the party for the time being.

I have personally spoken to Kamal Nath: Jitu

Jitu Patwari asserts that he has personally spoken to Kamal Nath, who assured him of staying in the Congress, dismissing the rumors as an attempt to tarnish his image. Sajjan Singh Verma, another close associate of Kamal Nath, states that Kamal Nath is occupied with preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and has not contemplated any move.

When questioned about the absence of a clear statement from Kamal Nath on his intentions, Congress leaders avoided addressing the issue directly. The sudden changes in Nakul Nath's social media account further fuel speculation, raising questions about the situation.

Rahul convinced Nath?

The role of Rahul Gandhi in persuading Kamal Nath to remain in the Congress is also being discussed.  Kamal Nath also had a conversation with Rahul Gandhi. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi has convinced him. 

At the same time, BJP has also brainstormed. It is believed that due to all this, Kamal Nath has taken a break from joining BJP. Although it is too early to say anything, whether Kamal Nath joins BJP or not remains to be seen.

There were opposing views within the BJP, particularly from Sikh leaders, regarding Kamal Nath's potential entry into the party. The BJP has reportedly conducted internal discussions on the matter, contributing to the uncertainty surrounding Kamal Nath's political alignment.

Jitu Patwari alleges a conspiracy against Kamal Nath, attributing it to the BJP's manipulation of the media. He emphasizes Kamal Nath's unwavering commitment to Congress ideals and dismisses any questions about his loyalty.


Nath's focus on strengthening MP Cong?

Sajjan Singh Verma reveals that Kamal Nath is currently focused on strategizing for the distribution of tickets in Madhya Pradesh. 

Sajjan Singh Verma said that Kamal Nath told him, “My focus is on how to strengthen Madhya Pradesh Congress, right now I do not have any such thought, nor have I discussed anything like this with anyone. All the media people are discussing this. Till date I have not told the media where I am going and where I am not going.”

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