19 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Sajjan Singh Verma Made This Revelation about Kamal Nath

Recent developments in Madhya Pradesh politics have intensified speculation about Kamal Nath's potential switch to the BJP. Amidst this uncertainty, Congress leader Sajjan Singh Verma made a surprising statement, shedding light on the political landscape in the state. Verma, after meeting Kamal Nath in Delhi, shared crucial insights during a media interaction, offering clarity on the situation.

Kamal Nath's Strategic Plans Unveiled

Sajjan Singh Verma disclosed that during their meeting, Kamal Nath was meticulously strategizing the distribution of tickets in Madhya Pradesh. Discussions revolved around caste equations, Lok Sabha ticket allocations, and overall measures to fortify the Madhya Pradesh Congress. 

Verma quoted Kamal Nath, stating, "My primary focus is on strengthening the Madhya Pradesh Congress. Currently, I haven't entertained any thoughts of joining another party, nor have I engaged in such discussions with anyone. The media speculation persists; my response remains consistent. I haven't disclosed my future political moves to the media."

'Kamal Nath is a part of Congress'

Sajjan Singh Verma highlighted that Rahul Gandhi's Nyaya Yatra is scheduled to reach Madhya Pradesh, with meetings planned in Datia and Gwalior, for which Verma has been designated as in-charge. 

Verma emphasized Kamal Nath's unwavering commitment to the Congress, citing his longstanding family ties with the Nehru and Gandhi families. While acknowledging Kamal Nath's seniority, Verma mentioned conversations between Kamal Nath and Rahul Gandhi. He stated, "Kamal Nath is a part of Congress today, was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. The future remains uncertain."

It's worth noting that several BJP leaders oppose Kamal Nath's potential switch, and rumors circulate about Kamal Nath's son Nakul Nath joining the BJP. Retirement from politics for Kamal Nath is also speculated, although these possibilities are currently speculative.

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