13 Feb 2024

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: BJP can give opportunity to new faces on one and a half dozen seats in Madhya Pradesh

Like the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, BJP can surprise in the Lok Sabha elections-2024 also. It is preparing a different strategy regarding ticket distribution. The party is brainstorming a strategy to change faces on more than half the seats.

It is believed that the schedule of Lok Sabha elections can be announced by the first week of March. BJP wants to decide on a large number of tickets before that so that its candidates get enough time to prepare. It is expected that BJP can finalize the names of its candidates in the last week of February.


Search for new faces on these seats

This time, a strategy is being made to cancel the tickets of more than a dozen and a half party MPs in Madhya Pradesh and give a chance to new faces in their place. Apart from Morena, Jabalpur, Damoh, Sidhi and Narmadapuram Lok Sabha constituencies, there are many such seats where new faces can get a chance. 

According to party sources, current MP Shankar Lalwani definitely has a claim on the Indore parliamentary seat. Apart from them, Kavita Patidar, Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava along with Nishant Khare and MLA Ramesh Mendola are said to be contenders. These people are trying from their side.

Similarly, in Bhopal in 2014, the party had fielded Alok Sanjar. But in 2019, BJP made Pragya Thakur its candidate. This time there is doubt whether she will get the ticket again.

Similarly, in Vidisha too, BJP can field someone else in place of its MP Ramakant Bhargava. Talking about Ujjain Lok Sabha seat, the ticket of Chintaman Malviya, who was MP in 2014, was canceled and Anil Firoziya was given a chance. This time also a new face may emerge.

Due to Lok Sabha members becoming MLAs, seats of MPs from Morena, Jabalpur, Damoh, Sidhi and Narmadapuram Lok Sabha constituencies have become vacant. Along with these, the party can change tickets on many Lok Sabha seats including Gwalior and Satna.

This time the target is to complete ‘Mission 29’

BJP got 27 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. After this, it bagged 28 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Only Chhindwara seat went to Congress. This time BJP is stressinbg on snatching Chhindwara also. Due to its new strategy, it had fielded seven of its MPs in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. However, five had achieved victory.

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