20 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh Dhar Bhojshala Case: Will there be a survey of Bhojshala akin to Gyanvapi?

Indore: The legal arguments regarding the potential survey of Dhar's Bhojshala, akin to the Gyanvapi case, concluded on Monday at the Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. Following comprehensive hearings involving all concerned parties, the court has reserved its decision.

Before the Indore bench, there are four separate petitions related to Bhojshala, including one from the Hindu Front for Justice. This particular petition seeks to prohibit Muslim prayers in Bhojshala and grant Hindus regular worship rights. It has been said that every Tuesday, Hindus perform Yagya and on Friday, in the name of Namaz, Muslims pollute them by spitting in the same Yagya Kundas.

Bhojshala was surveyed in 1902-03: ASI

The Archaeological Survey of India asserts that Bhojshala was surveyed in 1902-03, and the report is on record. They argue against the necessity of a new survey, with the Muslim side also opposing it, citing the existing order from the 1902-03 survey granting Muslims the right to offer Namaz on Fridays.

Advocates Harishankar Jain and Vishnushankar Jain, representing the Hindu Front for Justice, emphasized in their plea for the right to worship in Bhojshala, expressing no objection to it remaining under ASI. They argue that past surveys confirm Bhojshala as a temple of Vagdevi, asserting Hindus' right to worship.

Himanshu Joshi, representing the Archaeological Survey of India, informed the court about the 1902-03 survey. The report was presented in the court with attached photographs showing Lord Vishnu and a lotus. The need for a new survey was dismissed.

Senior advocate Ajay Bagadia, on behalf of Maulana Kalamuddin Society, referred to the 2003 order based on the 1902-03 survey, specifying the days for Muslim prayers and Hindu worship. He argued against a new survey, stating that the 2003 order remains unchallenged.

The court requested a written summary from the petitioner, Hindu Front for Justice, outlining previous petitions and their outcomes in different courts. 

The Bhojshala dispute, rooted in centuries-old claims, involves Hindus asserting it as a temple of Goddess Saraswati, while Muslims contend the construction of Maulana Kamaluddin's tomb centuries ago. 

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