7 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh Harda Firecracker Factory Blast Update: Work of removing debris complete; residents vent anger at officials

Harda Firecracker Factory Blast Update: About 25 hours after the incident, the rescue operation being conducted at the firecracker factory site in Harda, Madhya Pradesh was completed. Narmadapuram Divisional Commissioner Pawan Kumar Sharma spoke to media persons at 1 pm and said that the work of removing debris has been completed. However, Poklane machines and fire brigade vehicles are still standing at the spot.

Residents vent anger at officials

The anger of the people living around the firecracker factory burst out on the officials who reached the spot the next day. Pinky Chauhan and Jankibai, residents of Bairagarh, told SDM KC Parte that there is another warehouse near their house, where firecrackers and raw materials are kept. They should be removed immediately. If this is not done then their house and the people around them will be affected.

Gunpowder mafia born under BJP rule: Jitu

While talking to journalists, Congress state president Jitu Patwari made serious allegations against the government. He said that the explosion in the firecracker factory is a crime committed by the government. We had heard of land mafia and sand mafia in the state, but gunpowder mafia has also breen born in the BJP state. 

Jitu said, "I demand from the government that an assistance amount of Rs 10 lakh should be immediately released to those who were injured in the accident and Rs 1 crore to those who died." 

Jitu Patwari also raised questions on the rescue operation and said that the way Poklane machines are digging the ground here, it seems that the government wants to bury the dead bodies and not take them out. Patwari said that such a big incident has happened and there is not even a single forensic officer on the spot.

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