7 Feb 2024

Surat News: Two More Youths Succumb to Heart Attacks, Prompting Concerns Over Unexpected Premature Deaths

Surat in Gujarat is grappling with heightened anxiety and medical apprehension as two more young persons succumbed to heart attacks on Wednesday, February 7. This recent tragedy further contributes to the disturbing pattern of sudden premature deaths among young people throughout the state, leaving families devastated and the medical community in search of explanations.

The first victim, Yogesh Ahir, a 40-year-old son of a policeman, experienced severe chest pain and collapsed while exercising in a municipal garden. Despite immediate medical attention, revival attempts were unsuccessful. Preliminary reports indicate a heart attack, but the exact cause will be determined through a post-mortem at the New Civil Hospital. Yogesh, engaged in the international travel business, leaves behind a mourning family struggling to comprehend the abrupt loss.

Adding to the city's sorrow, 23-year-old Jai Chambhai Savasia, an online designer, passed away in his sleep early Wednesday morning. Rushed to Unity Hospital, he was declared dead upon arrival. This young man, without known health issues, exemplifies the unsettling nature of these recent deaths.

Four other young people in Surat lost their lives

These tragedies unfold just a day after four other young people in Surat lost their lives to sudden fainting episodes. The driver of a tempo, who managed to pull over due to chest pain, sadly passed away before reaching medical help. The fear of the unknown looms heavily over the city, especially among young people witnessing their peers unexpectedly struck down.

The medical community expresses deep concern over this alarming trend. While investigations into the exact causes of these deaths are ongoing, the increasing number of young individuals experiencing heart attacks necessitates immediate attention. Public health officials and medical professionals urge residents to remain vigilant about their health, undergo regular checkups, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Tragic Deaths in Neighboring MP

In a recent incident in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh, a 17-year-old teenager died on Monday morning while running in the Science College sports ground in Ratlam. The teenager suddenly collapsed while running, and friends rushed him to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The family members requested no post-mortem. Doctors are considering it as a silent attack.

This marked the second death due to a sudden heart attack in Ratlam district in the last five days. The initial case occurred in Tal tehsil of the district. 

In Ratlam, Civil Surgeon Dr. MS Sagar mentioned that there has been a recent increase in heart attack cases among the youth, with no initial symptoms. Patients experience sudden pain relief, leading to unexpected deaths. Such cases are on the rise across the country, and conclusive statements are challenging to make at this point.

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