17 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath, Nakul to join BJP? Congress will suffer big blow ahead of Lok Sabha elections-2024

Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath may leave Congress and join BJP. Such speculations are spreading very fast. Madhya Pradesh BJP chief VD Sharma had claimed a day earlier that Kamal Nath was not happy with Congress. Sources close to Kamal Nath have said that the father-son duo may join BJP on February 19.

Kamal Nath has canceled his Chhindwara tour midway today and left for Delhi with his son. This has given strength to his talk of leaving the party. At the same time, BJP leaders have also started talking about Kamal Nath joining BJP. 

Kamal Nath is in New Delhi and speculation is rife that he will hold meetings with BJP leaders later today.

The veteran Congress leader though said that if he was making a switch, he would inform the media first.

"If there would be any such thing, I would inform you first. It is not about denying, you are saying this, you people are getting excited. I am not getting excited, this side or that side, but if there would be any such thing, I would inform you first," Mr Nath told reporters in Delhi.

Meanwhile. Madhya Pradesh BJP leader and state spokesperson Narendra Saluja has posted a picture. In this picture, Kamal Nath is seen standing with his son Nakul Nath and other people. The BJP leader has written… “Jai Shri Ram” in the caption of this picture.

However, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has said that this is just a rumor and Kamal Nath can never take such a step.

When asked whether Kamal Nath would join BJP, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said, “I spoke to Kamal Nath ji last night. He is the person who started his political career with the Nehru-Gandhi family. You cannot expect that person to leave the families of Sonia and Indira Gandhi.”

On the other hand, there is a stir in Congress after the news of veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath and his MP son Nakul Nath joining BJP. If this happens just before the Lok Sabha elections, then Congress may have to suffer a big loss. Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, considered close to Kamal Nath, has also removed the Congress logo from the social media platform X. Now there is no logo of any party.

Congress will suffer big loss

Congress will suffer big jolt ahead of Lok Sabha elections if Kamal Nath and Nakul join BJP. According to information received from sources, MLAs close to Kamal Nath have claimed that he is going to join BJP along with his son Nakul Nath. The MLAs claim that both the people will join BJP on February 19. Along with him, 10-12 MLAs, 2 city presidents and a mayor can also join BJP. In this way, before the Lok Sabha elections, Kamal Nath has prepared to give a big blow to the Congress.

Many other stalwarts can join BJP, saffron party will benefit

If Kamal Nath joins BJP, it will be a big blow for Congress in Madhya Pradesh because along with Kamal Nath, many other stalwarts can join BJP. It is believed that Congress MLAs from Maharashtra will also join BJP along with Kamal Nath.

The way the market of speculations is hot that Kamal Nath is joining BJP, if Kamal Nath joins BJP then not only he will join BJP alone but along with him, a total of seven MLAs from Chhindwara, MP from Chhindwara and his son Nakul Nath will also join him. 

Two MLAs from Seoni and MLA from Maharashtra Savner Sunil Kedar can also join BJP. Not only this, many big Congress leaders including Vivek Tankha, Tarun Bhanot, Suresh Pachauri, Satna Mayor Siddharth Kushwaha, Chhindwara Mayor Vikram Ahake will join BJP along with Kamal Nath.

For the last few days, former CM Kamal Nath and his son MP Nakul Nath are on political tour in Chhindwara and they are also holding many meetings. Earlier it was seen that Congress was praised in every meeting by Nath, but now without taking the name of Congress, MPs Nakul Nath and Kamal Nath are just praising the relationship maintained by their family with Chhindwara for 40 years.

 Reports baseless: Jitu

On the other hand, Madhya Pradesh Congress president Jitu Patwari termed the news reports suggesting former CM Kamal Nath might join BJP as 'baseless'. Patwari held a press conference in state capital Bhopal on Saturday evening to issue a clarification.

He asserted that Nath is the third son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and he will never join BJP. "I spoke to him today morning and I can say these reports are baseless. Kamal Nath has been with the Congress since the beginning. He is the third son of Indira Gandhi and has always stood by the Gandhi and Nehru family."

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