26 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Kuno Palpur will be made hub of eco tourism; cheetahs will be rehabilitated at Gandhi Sagar and Nauradehi

Sheopur: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that an action plan will be made to make Madhya Pradesh a big centre of tourism. This will help in running an employment-oriented economy. In future, about 2 lakh people will get employment in Kuno itself.

Such activities will also be conducted in Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary. A new model of forest based economy will be developed in the state. 

In the review meeting of Cheetah rehabilitation at the jungle resort of Palpur, Sheopur, the CM said that economy-based activities will provide employment to the people at the local level and the forest will also be conserved along with the wild animals.

Project Elephant 

On the request of CM Dr. Mohan Yadav, the Union Forest Minister said that in Madhya Pradesh Elephant Project will also be run and locals will be educated to protect them from elephants. Local people will be made Gajmitras.

Central team will come to MP 

Under Project Elephant, the central team will come to Madhya Pradesh which will study the behavior of the elephant herds here and submit its report in this regard to the state government. With this, work can be done on the conservation of elephants.

MP is focal point of eco tourism

Union Forest and Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav said that Madhya Pradesh is the focal point of eco-tourism. The maximum area of forests, sanctuaries, tiger reserve areas are found in Madhya Pradesh as compared to other places.

During the review meeting, Union Minister Yadav said that a circuit is formed with the connection of cheetah restoration forest area. Kuno will be made a hub of eco tourism and a central eco tourism center will also be established.

Union Forest Minister Bhupendra Yadav said that Madhya Pradesh is the most unique in the country and the area of Kuno is different in itself. Currently there are 21 cheetahs and this is an area of great potential.

Teams from Africa and Namibia will come

A total of 10 forest areas in the country were identified in this regard. Three of these centers are in Madhya Pradesh, one is Kuno, the second is Gandhi Sagar and the third is Nauradehi. Soon teams from Africa and Namibia will visit these three places and conduct a survey and in the coming time, cheetahs will be rehabilitated at these places.

More than 40,000 tourists likely to visit Kuno

The Union Minister said that work will be done to develop Kuno region in Madhya Pradesh as a model of economic development. Along with cheetah restoration, arrangements will be made here to conduct other activities. More than 40 thousand tourists are likely to come here in the coming time. To provide facilities to all the tourists, local children will be given special training like cooking, forest guide, bird watching, photography etc.

Kuno to establish in international tourist market

Union Minister said outlets for the products of women self-help groups, guides for tourists and separate centers for selling local products, convenience centers along with other things will be set up for local children. In the coming 5 years, we will establish Kuno in the international tourist market. The economy here will be around Rs 1000 crore and this will be the first region without industries to have an economy of Rs 1000 crore.

Kuno will be developed as per the vision of PM Modi. On the guidance of PM Modi, Big Cat Alliance has been formed in which 97 countries are cooperating to save the big cat. There are five big cat species in the country and a pilot project is being prepared to save them. Two big cats are not found in our country.

We have had success all over the world with the restoration of Cheetahs. Soon cheetah will be brought to Gandhi Sagar from Africa and Namibia. We are successful in cheetah restoration and currently eight cubs are roaming freely with the female cheetah.

There is no problem even when cheetahs enter villages

During the review of the cheetah restoration project of Kuno, other officials also shared their experiences and said that the 900 km area of Kuno is flourishing because of the cheetah friends here. There is no problem even when cheetahs enter villages and come from forests to fields. Cheetah friends immediately inform the forest officials and protect and secure them. Presently there are 21 cheetahs and this is an area of great potential. A total of 10 forest areas in the country were identified in this regard.

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