22 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Now enjoy cruise journey from Statue of Oneness in Omkareshwar to Gujarat's Statue of Unity

The Madhya Pradesh government will run an inter-state cruise of about 130 km on the Narmada river from the state's main attraction 'Statue of Oneness' in Omkareshwar to the 'Statue of Unity' in Gujarat. Tourists will be able to enjoy rural tourism between the two destinations. 

Tourists will be brought from the Statue of Oneness to Kukshi in Dhar by road. People will travel by road passing through Maheshwar, Mandu, Omkareshwar etc. From Dhar, after boarding the cruise, tourists will reach Sardar Sarovar Dam and then reach the Statue of Unity. In this way, the journey will be 190 kilometers by road and 130 kilometers by water.

Island Adventures: Water Sports During the Cruise Journey

With ample time during the cruise, tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a plethora of activities. Delight in the excitement of water sports while exploring the enchanting islands along the way.

This entire journey will be of three nights and four days. Tourists will be able to experience the natural beauty and biodiversity around the Narmada River. The way the state government is preparing, it is clear that the cruise can be operated till the Statue of Unity by the year 2025. 

Govt will give subsidy for cruise operations

The government will also provide subsidy to agencies wishing to promote cruise operations and water sports. Depending on the investment, the subsidy will be 15 to 30 percent. Talks are also being held with private companies for operating the cruise.

The tourism department will provide only basic facilities, the cruise will be operated by private companies. The private agency will decide the roadmap of where the tourists will stay for the night and day during the cruise journey. However, the Tourism Department is preparing its own roadmap. For this, help of officials of Union Jal Shakti is also being taken.

More cruises planned

Intra-state cruises from Maikal Resort in Bargi near Jabalpur to Tindini in Mandla district, Dharaji in Dewas to Sailani Tapu east of Omkareshwar, Sanjit village to the tent city of Gandhi Sagar are also on the anvil. The Tawa-Madhai cruise will be given a face-lift.

Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, MP Tourism, said that there is a plan to run an inter-state cruise of about 130 km on the Narmada River from the ‘Statue of Oneness’ in Omkareshwar to the ‘Statue of Unity’ in Gujarat. Talks are also going on with Gujarat government for this. Its initial process has started. Probably the cruise operation will start by next year. 

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