8 Feb 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Speculation Mounts Over Shivraj Singh Chouhan's Candidacy in Kamal Nath's Bastion Chhindwara

Bhopal: Following the BJP's triumph in the recent Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, uncertainties surround the political trajectory of the former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Despite the passage of months since Mohan Yadav assumed the role of CM, the BJP remains indecisive about the fate of the state's longest-serving leader. The party continues to deliberate on his political future.

In a recent meeting of the Madhya Pradesh BJP Election Committee, deliberations regarding candidates for the six Lok Sabha parliamentary seats included the consideration of former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Of particular interest is the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat, traditionally held by the Congress Party since 1952, with a brief exception in 1997 when the BJP's Sundarlal Patwa defeated Kamal Nath, only to lose the seat back to him in 1998. 

The Nath family has maintained control of the seat since then, with Kamal Nath's son, Nakul, currently serving as the Member of Parliament from Chhindwara.

Shivraj met JP Nadda in Delhi last week

Amidst heightened speculation about Shivraj's role in the party, he met with BJP chief JP Nadda in Delhi last week. While the details of the meeting are not publicly disclosed, BJP leaders, as reported by the media, suggest that Shivraj may be fielded as a candidate from Chhindwara in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Some political observers speculate that the BJP aims to challenge the Congress stronghold by nominating Shivraj in Chhindwara. 

On the other hand, some believe that the top leadership has meticulously planned to send Shivraj into political oblivion by making him contest from Chhindwara because it will present a significant challenge for him to win.

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