21 Feb 2024

Maharashtra Buldhana Food Poisoning: Shocking Scenes as Patients Receive Treatment on Streets

In a distressing incident unfolding in Maharashtra's Buldhana district, approximately 600 villagers fell victim to food poisoning, allegedly stemming from the consumption of 'prasad' during a religious event on Tuesday. 

The aftermath revealed a grim reality as patients found themselves lying on the streets, receiving medical attention with glucose bottles suspended from ropes, highlighting the dire state of the local hospital. Fortunately, as of Wednesday morning, no casualties have been reported.

Shortage of space and doctors

Initially admitted to various health centers in the area, patients faced space constraints and a shortage of doctors. A team from Buldhana, including private doctors, was called in to address the crisis. 

The scarcity of hospital beds forced many people to receive treatment on the streets, exacerbating the situation. Moreover, the absence of doctors at several primary health centers led to delays in treatment, causing distress among the affected villagers.

Reports from the incident at Khaparkheda temple in Lonar taluka indicated that during the religious event, 600 out of 2000 attendees fell ill after consuming contaminated 'prasad.' Symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and fainting prompted a rush for medical assistance, with patients ultimately receiving treatment on the streets due to the overwhelming number of cases.

Contaminated Prasad Sparked Health Crisis

The religious program at Khaparkheda temple involved the distribution of prasad. Devotees opted for fasting items requiring separate food items. After the aarti, the served prasad, allegedly contaminated, led to a sudden deterioration in health for many people. 

The severity of the situation is evident, with approximately 500 to 600 people affected by food poisoning, necessitating immediate medical attention at rural hospitals in Lonar and Sultanpur.

Mystery Surrounds the Source of Contamination

The precise source of the food poisoning remains unknown, and nearly 500 villagers are undergoing medical treatment at local hospitals. Local authorities, including the police, are investigating the matter to determine the cause of the contamination and address the crisis.

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