24 Feb 2024

Major accident in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh; 24 die as tractor trolley overturns into pond

Kasganj: A major accident has occurred in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. Here a tractor trolley full ofdevotees going to take a bath in the Ganga overturned in the pond, in which 24 people died. According to the information received, the tractor of the devotees going for Ganga bath fell into the pond on the roadside near Daryaganj on Badaun Highway. Some children have also died in this accident.

When the news of death of 24 people due to tractor-trolley overturning in Patiali area of Kasganj district reached Kasa village, there was an uproar. A huge crowd from the surrounding villages gathered. Everyone was going for the Mundan Sanskar of the son of Veerpal of the village. A total of 54 people were traveling in the tractor-trolley. The tractor-trolley was overloaded. It is believed that this is why it became unbalanced.

There were 54 people in tractor trolley

Veerpal's wife Shakuntala Devi, 50, is among the dead. Rajesh's 10 year old son Karthik and two month old daughter Ansuni also died in this tragic accident. There were 54 people traveling in the tractor-trolley, who were residents of village Kasa, Khiriya, Rauri and village Barar. Four people from Rauri were in this tractor-trolley, while two people had gone from Khiriya. Most of the people were from the family of Bitto Devi, an elderly woman of the village.

Residents of village Kasa

Shivam, Usma Devi, Aryan, Anjali, Anubhav, Rajni, Rani, Kunwarpal, Deeksha, Model, Pranshu, Gayatri Devi, Satendra Singh, Pushpa Devi, Gaurav, Gaurav's son Bittu, daughter Sapna, Shakuntala Devi, Meera Devi, Deeksha Avnesh, Darshanpal, Lakshmi Devi, Ruby, Anmol, Devanshu, Mahendrapal, Shivani, Karthik, Somya, Ompal, Mithlesh, Tanu, Rajkumari, Kuldeep, Kamlesh, Sanjeev, Javita, Sanjeev's daughter Payal, Rambeti, Rajpal, Meera Devi from village Kasa. The administration has made a list of 54 people, including Shyamalata, who had set out for Gangaji.

Rauri's residents

Apart from this, Rahul, Anjali, Sunny of Rauri, Nekram of an unknown village Brar, an unknown boy, Saheb Singh and Devendra Singh of village Khiriya were also in the tractor-trolley. Some bodies may still be in the pond. Therefore, the administration has deployed divers there and nets are being put in the pond. On the other hand, there is an uproar in the houses of the dead. Most of the deceased are from Kasa village. The number of women and children is also high.

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