12 Feb 2024

Skoch Award to MP Tourism for Rural Tourism; foreign tourists visiting selected villages

Bhopal: Rural tourism, which exposes tourists to local culture and creates various self-employment opportunities through community participation, has once again been appreciated by the  Skoch organization. 

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has been awarded in the tourism category for its rural tourism project at the 96th Skoch Summit in New Delhi. 

Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture and Managing Director Tourism Board Sheo Shekhar Shukla has congratulated the officials of the Tourism Board along with the partner organizations in the rural tourism project for this achievement. 

Shukla said that this award will inspire to work with more energy and enthusiasm in rural tourism projects. Director Manoj Singh received the award on behalf of the Tourism Board in a function organized at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

Arrival of foreign guests has increased very rapidly in selected villages

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has selected 100 villages in six cultural areas of Madhya Pradesh under the Rural Tourism Project. In this, project work has started in about 30 villages. Guests have started coming to these villages and the arrival of foreign guests has increased very rapidly. Along with foreign tourists, domestic tourists are also showing their interest in this project.

It is noteworthy that this project was launched by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board in the year 2019. At present this project is being accorded utmost importance by the Central Government and many states have started working on rural tourism projects. 

In Madhya Pradesh, this project is being run by the local community and the local people are also getting various types of employment opportunities. Under the Rural Tourism Project, NGO organization is the partner at the grassroots level through which the implementation is being done. There is coordination of various government departments in the project.

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