15 Feb 2024

Sonia Gandhi pens a letter addressed to Rae Bareli

Sonia Gandhi penned a letter addressed to Rae Bareli, expressing her decision to represent the constituency in Parliament through the Rajya Sabha. Rae Bareli, historically associated with the Gandhi family, has been a significant political stronghold. 

Sonia conveyed in her letter, issued on Thursday, that due to advancing age and health considerations, she has chosen not to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Despite this decision, Sonia assured the people of Rae Bareli that her unwavering commitment remains, even though she won't have the direct opportunity to serve them.

Highlighting the deep connection with Rae Bareli, Sonia Gandhi acknowledged the support she and her family have received from the constituency. She expressed confidence that the people of Rae Bareli will continue to provide assistance and care in times of difficulty.

The question arises about the potential candidacy of Priyanka Gandhi for the Rae Bareli seat following Sonia Gandhi's decision. However, the Congress party has not issued an official statement on this matter.

In her heartfelt letter, Sonia reminisced about the completeness her family experiences by connecting with Rae Bareli. She invoked the memories of Feroze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, emphasizing the emotional significance of the region. 

Sonia shared her personal journey, including the challenges of losing her mother-in-law and life partner, and expressed gratitude for the enduring support from the people of Rae Bareli.


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