30 Mar 2024

Gurpreet Singh debuts as a wealthy entrepreneur who heightens tensions in 'Vanshaj'; how he feels on playing this character

Sony SAB's 'Vanshaj' is a show that depicts the challenges of inheritance, highlighting how men have historically had more power as heirs. In the recent episodes, tensions escalate between Yukti (Anjali Tatrari) and DJ (Mahir Pandhi) for the share of the property and both tactically scheme and plot to outwit each other. As the cutthroat battle among them intensifies, there are a lot of new faces that enter the show enhancing the upcoming plot with lots of twists and turns. 

Ace actor Gurpreet Singh steps into the role of Mr Rafique Baig, an intelligent entrepreneur promising to inject a new dynamic into the world of Vanshaj. Mr. Baig, a distinguished gentleman renowned for his refined taste and sophistication, brings with him an air of elegance and authority. Mr. Baig is a lover of shayari and ghazals adding depth to his cultured demeanor. His virtuous style reflects his wealth and influence. As he will be closely a part of the Multani and Mahajan merger, his arrival will give birth to a lot of new relationships and rivalries.

Gurpreet Singh, who will be essaying the character of Mr. Rafique Baig said, “I’m excited to play the role of Mr Rafique in Vanshaj. It’s a privilege to bring such a distinguished character to life. His refined taste, coupled with his love for Urdu poetry, adds depth to his personality. His aura of authority, along with his impeccable style, make him a fascinating character to portray."

Gurpreet said further, "The audience will love to see how among such powerful people, Mr. Rafique will add another layer to the storyline by tactically dealing with the Multani-Mahajan merger and his commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships, thus strengthening the ultimate battle of Vanshaj.”

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