21 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Why Varun Gandhi is unlikely to get ticket from Pilibhit in UP? What will he do in this situation?

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: There's lot of speculation surrounding the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) choice for the Pilibhit Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh.

Currently held by Varun Gandhi of the Gandhi-Nehru lineage, rumors suggest BJP might not offer him a ticket this time. Despite his ten-year tenure, Varun Gandhi remained relatively inactive beyond his constituency, occasionally voicing criticism of both the Modi and Yogi governments.

He remained invisible outside his Lok Sabha constituency. However, during this period he continued writing articles in newspapers and did not desist from criticizing the Modi government.

Many times he took jibe at the Yogi government of the state and at times he took a dig at the Modi government.

In such a situation, it was already being said that Varun Gandhi is not seeing his political future in BJP and BJP is also not very positive about Varun Gandhi.

Now that the general elections of 2024 are going to be held in a few weeks, there is a heated discussion about whether Varun will get the ticket from Pilibhit or not.

According to some analysts, due to opposition from Uttar Pradesh BJP, it is almost certain that the party will not give ticket to Varun Gandhi. Varun had bought four nomination papers and since then speculations were rife that he may contest elections from Samajwadi Party but Samajwadi Party has also announced its candidate.

License of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Amethi was suspended

Varun Gandhi has been giving statements against BJP for some time.

His displeasure with BJP and the increasing distance between him and the party were indicated last year when the license of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Amethi was suspended.

The UP government canceled the license of the hospital after the death of  woman allegedly due to wrong treatment.  Varun Gandhi was also among those who criticized this decision of the government. 

In such a situation, if Varun Gandhi's ticket is cut, he will have no other option but to contest the elections as an independent. But it will not be easy for him to win the election as an independent candidate. 

If Varun joins Congress, will Pilibhit seat go to Congress or will he be made a candidate from Rae Bareli or Amethi? Only Varun Gandhi has to take the final decision.

Viral video last year hinted at tensions with UP CM Adityanath

In a viral video last year, Varun Gandhi's remarks at a public event hinted at tensions with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, further complicating his political positioning.

When the party workers interrupted a Sadhu, In the video Varun is heard telling the worker, "Hey, don't interrupt him, who knows he can become the CM one day."

His statement was seen as a taunt on Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Last year, questions were raised regarding the excise policy of the UP government regarding the target of achieving revenue of more than Rs 50 thousand crore.

He had asked, "It is sad that liquor, which has ruined crores of families, is being promoted for the sake of 'increasing revenue'. Doesn't the government have a better option to increase revenue in 'Ram Rajya'?"

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