21 Mar 2024

Congress files petition in SC against freezing of its accounts; what Kharge, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi said?

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Congress has taken its grievance against the freezing of its bank accounts by the Income Tax Department to the Supreme Court. Rahul Gandhi has asserted that such actions go against regulations while both the Election Commission and the court have remained silent.

The party lodged a petition with the Supreme Court on Thursday, challenging the freezing of its accounts. Just before heading to the Supreme Court, Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi convened a press conference at the party headquarters.

Unified in their stance, the three leaders expressed concern that the central government's move to freeze bank accounts ahead of the Lok Sabha elections-2024 is a deliberate attempt to weaken and incapacitate the country's main opposition party. They questioned the feasibility of fair elections under such circumstances.

Kharge further said that under the electoral bond scheme which the Supreme Court had declared illegal and unconstitutional, BJP has deposited thousands of crores of rupees in its bank accounts. On the other hand, the bank account of the main opposition party (Congress) has been frozen, so that we are not able to contest the elections on equal footing. This is a dangerous game played by the ruling party.

Rahul Gandhi said that the party's bank accounts were frozen. Neither any court nor the Election Commission has done anything. He underscored the symbolic significance, asserting that it's not just Congress's accounts but the very essence of democracy that has been put on ice.

Sonia Gandhi condemned the freezing of the party's accounts as a deliberate attempt to debilitate Congress ahead of elections, characterizing it as an assault on democracy. For the last one month we have not been able to use our Rs 285 crore. If we cannot do any work then how will democracy survive, she asked.

Congress leader Ajay Maken said – The issue we have is very serious. This has not only affected Congress, but democracy is also in danger. The money from our account is being forcibly snatched away. Electoral bonds have benefited only BJP the most. This is the people's fight, if you do not support us then neither democracy will survive, nor you nor we.

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