25 Mar 2024

Massive fire brekas out in Ujjain during Bhasma Aarti of Mahakal, priests among 13 people badly burnt

Ujjain Mahakal temple fire incident: At least 13 people have suffered burn injuries due to a fire in the sanctum sanctorum of the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, the fire broke out while throwing gulal during Bhasma Aarti on the occasion of Holi. 

According to the District Magistrate of Ujjain, the people injured in the fire have been admitted to the district hospital. District Magistrate Neeraj Kumar Singh said, “The fire broke out during Bhasma Aarti. 13 people have been injured in this incident.”

 At the time of the incident, Holi was being celebrated in the temple premises. Priest Anish Sharma said, “Traditional Holi celebrations were being organized in the Mahakal temple premises. A fire broke out in the sanctum sanctorum due to the use of Gulal. The temple priest has been injured. The injured have been taken to the hospital.”

Accident happened while pouring gulal during Bhasma Aarti

According to local media reports, this accident happened while pouring gulal during Bhasma Aarti. Gulal fell on a lamp burning in the sanctum sanctorum and it caught fire. Gulal spread in the sanctum sanctorum caught fire. After this, there was a stampede in the entire temple complex. According to the reports so far, 13 people have been badly burnt in this accident. According to the local administration, the number of injured may increase even more.

Injured admitted to Ujjain and MYH of Indore

The injured were immediately admitted to Ujjain and the seriously injured to MY Hospital in Indore. Where the treatment of the injured is going on. A large crowd had gathered in the Mahakal temple on the occasion of Holi, but at the time when preparations were going on to organize the traditional Holi on Mahakal, a fire broke out due to gulal falling on a burning lamp. In this fire incident, chief priest of Bhasmarti Sanjay Guru, Vikas Pujari, Manoj Pujari, Ansh Purohit, sevak Mahesh Sharma, Chintaman Gehlot and others have been injured in Mahakal temple.

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