26 Mar 2024

MP News: This Is How IIM Indore Is Pioneering Innovative Strategies to Tackle Air Pollution on Campus and Beyond

In the wake of Delhi reclaiming its notorious title as the most polluted city, concerns over air quality loom large across other urban centers. However, amidst these worrisome trends, IIM Indore emerges as a beacon of hope with its groundbreaking initiatives to combat air pollution within its campus.

Achieved AQI of just 34

The esteemed Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, renowned for its academic excellence, has undertaken remarkable measures to enhance air quality within its premises. With an annual plantation of 2500 trees, alongside efficient waste management systems and rainwater harvesting techniques, the institute has achieved an impressive Air Quality Index (AQI) of just 34. This stands in stark contrast to the city's average AQI of 93, underscoring the campus's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Director Himanshu Rai highlights the adoption of electric vehicles and a culture of pedestrian mobility, significantly curbing vehicular emissions. Furthermore, a stringent ban on single-use plastics coupled with extensive tree plantation campaigns further aids in air purification efforts.

Beyond campus borders

Beyond campus borders, IIM Indore extends its environmental advocacy through community engagement initiatives, including cleanliness drives and tree plantation campaigns in the surrounding areas. These endeavors underscore the institute's dedication to fostering environmental consciousness on a broader scale.

Innovative waste management strategies

Efforts to improve air quality extend beyond tree planting, encompassing innovative waste management strategies and the integration of renewable energy sources like solar panels and a solar tree. Additionally, the institute's organic garden and wood-chipper machine exemplify its commitment to sustainability by converting organic waste into compost.

Transforming vacant lands into lush green gardens 

Transforming vacant lands into lush green gardens instead of concrete parking lots not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also serves as a potent antidote to air pollution. Recognizing the profound impact of green spaces on mental and physical well-being, IIM Indore advocates for a paradigm shift towards sustainable urban development, emphasizing the vital role of greenery in fostering a healthy environment.

As IIM Indore sets a precedent for environmental stewardship, its initiatives serve as a blueprint for building healthier, eco-conscious cities. Embracing these efforts beyond academic campuses is essential for realizing the vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

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