18 Mar 2024

North Korea fires missiles near Japan

North Korea fired several short-range missiles toward its eastern seaboard, a day after joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said during a session of Parliament that North Korea has fired several missiles in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

He said, "These missiles have fallen outside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone and there is no news of any damage." 

'A warning for the peace and security of Japan'

Kishida said that this action of North Korea is a warning for the peace and security of Japan. This is a threat to both this region and the international world. North Korea has violated the United Nations Security Council resolution by firing missiles.

The Security Council has banned North Korea's missile activities. The army of North Korea's neighboring country South Korea has also said that it has also found some suspicious short range missiles.

An 11-day computer simulated command post training was going on between South Korea and America near North Korea. During this military exercise, 48 field exercises have been carried out. This is double the exercise from last year.

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