24 Mar 2024

Russia launches series of air strikes on Ukraine's capital Kyiv; Zelenskiy says Putin trying to falsely blame Kyiv for Moscow concert attack

Russia has once again launched several attacks on Ukraine's capital Kyiv. The Russian army has launched a series of air strikes on Kyiv. After this, Ukraine has issued an alert in the entire country.

Amidst the attacks, Ukrainians living in Kyiv were seen running towards the metro station to take shelter. Meanwhile, Ukraine's neighboring country Poland has also activated its air force.

Poland on alert

Poland has significantly increased surveillance of its airspace after the Russian air strike on the Ukrainian city of Lviv adjacent to its border.

The Russian attack on Kiev began at five in the morning. Ukraine's army has said that it is responding strongly to Russian air strikes. On Friday also Russia had fired dozens of missiles.

Due to this a dam was badly damaged. Due to the collapse of the dam, the hydroelectric power station was closed and many Ukrainian areas were plunged into darkness.

Putin trying to shift blame onto Ukraine: Zelenskiy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy accused Vladimir Putin and others of attempting to shift blame for the Moscow concert hall massacre onto Ukraine. Without evidence, the Russian president alleged that Ukraine had colluded with the terrorist suspects responsible for the death of at least 133 people on Friday night. Putin claimed that the four arrested gunmen had intended to escape to Ukraine. Zelenskiy stated that it was "entirely expected" for Putin to remain silent for 24 hours before linking the tragedy to Ukraine. Kyiv refutes any involvement in the attack, which the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for.   

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