24 Mar 2024

Kejriwal issued first order from ED custody as Delhi CM, Atishi informs

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued the first order from ED custody. This information has been given by Atishi, a minister in the Kejriwal government.

Atishi has issued a statement. In it she said, "Even if Arvind Kejriwal ji has been arrested today. Even if he is in ED custody today. But no work of the people of Delhi will stop. Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal ji has sent instructions to me as Water Minister from ED custody. Order sent. When this paper came to me yesterday with his instructions, I had tears in my eyes."

"I thought who is that person who is in such a difficult situation when he has been arrested, imprisoned. He does not know when he will come out of jail. Who is that person who does not think about himself? Thinking about the people of Delhi.

Atishi said, "This is a person who, despite being in custody, is thinking about the water and sewage problems of the people of Delhi. Only Kejriwal ji can do this, who considers himself a member of the family of two crore people of Delhi.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Harish Khurana said on Kejriwal's detention order being issued, "Kejriwal is saying that he was targeted. This victim card is not going to work. Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested in the liquor scam case. People of Delhi and the entire country know how you looted everyone."

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