7 Mar 2024

Tragic Demise of Hyderabad Youth in Russia-Ukraine War Raises Questions on Fraudulent Recruitment Practices

In a distressing turn of events, Mohammad Asfan, a young man from Hyderabad, lost his life in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Shockingly, 30-year-old Asfan was fraudulently recruited into the Russian Army, sparking concerns about the deceptive practices employed in assembling forces for the conflict. The Indian Embassy in Moscow has confirmed Asfan's death, and efforts are underway to bring his mortal remains.

AIMIM Leader Asaduddin Owaisi's Intervention Was Sought

As the news unfolded, Asfan's family had earlier sought assistance from AIMIM leader and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi to facilitate the return of the deceased to India. The family, residing in Hyderabad, faces the challenge of coping with the loss of Asfan, who leaves behind a wife and two children.

Gujarat Youth's Tragic Fate Reveals Deceptive Recruitment Tactics

The heartbreaking incident in Hyderabad follows the death of Hemil Ashwinbhai Mangukiya, a young man from Surat, Gujarat, who died in Ukraine on February 21. Mangukiya, recruited by a Russian company, was unknowingly enrolled in Wagner's army and sent to the war front. His case sheds light on the deceptive recruitment tactics that appear to be employed by certain entities involved in the conflict.

Growing Concerns Over Fraudulent Recruitment of Indians in Russia

Recent reports indicate a disturbing trend of Indians being fraudulently taken to Russia, with seven residents of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, releasing a video seeking assistance from Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar to return to India. The victims claimed that they were forcefully sent to fight in the war against Ukraine.

Punjab Residents' Video Exposes Alleged Coercion by Russian Authorities

In a 105-second video, seven people from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, shared their harrowing experience. Gagandeep Singh, one of the individuals, narrated how an agent misled them into visiting Russia and, subsequently, coerced them into signing contracts with the Russian Army. The video suggests a pattern of deceptive recruitment practices and sheds light on the challenges faced by unsuspecting individuals caught in the turmoil of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The unfolding situations raise questions about the responsibility of various authorities and underscore the urgent need for investigations into fraudulent recruitment practices and the safety of Indian citizens in conflict zones.

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