6 Apr 2024

BJP launches massive membership drive in MP on party Foundation Day, what CM Mohan Yadav & VD Sharma said?

The Foundation Day of BJP was celebrated on Saturday, 6 April. While on one hand BJP organized programs across the country, this time the Foundation Day has been celebrated in a different way in Madhya Pradesh. MP BJP has set a target of more than one lakh joining on the Foundation Day, at 65 thousand booths across the state. Ahead of Lok Sabha elections-2024, BJP's joining campaign is in full swing. Party has launched a massive membership campaign.

On April 6, BJP celebrated its 45th foundation day, different programs were organized across the country, Madhya Pradesh BJP organized a mega joining campaign at all 64 thousand 523 booths across the state. Today, on the foundation day, BJP claimed it has provided party membership to one lakh people. The campaign continued from morning till evening. From booth to booth, retired officers, players and many Congress leaders also joined BJP. 

BJP state president VD Sharma said that BJP is continuously working with micro management, people are getting impressed by our work and joining party. No one is listening to Jitu Patwari even in his own Congress. There is a stampede in Congress, the leaders are not even talking to each other, more than one lakh people are joining today.

A large number of leaders of other parties, including Congress, were given membership of BJP from the state level to the booth level. It started with the joining of Kamal Nath's close aide Deepak Saxena late on Friday night, in the afternoon three-time former Congress MLA Ramlal Malviya joined BJP.

Former Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Narottam Mishra said that one lakh joining has taken place in the last 2-3 months, we hope this figure will increase further. There is panic in the Congress and their own alliance leaders are forgetting to sign.

Some BJP leaders not happy with joining

Even though BJP is talking about mega joining, there is also a hushed news that some leaders are not very happy about this joining. Some big leaders have compared the leaders coming from Congress to medical waste and ripe plums.

Prahlad Patel had said that Modi government has kept three garbage bins. Somewhere there is wet waste, somewhere there is dry waste and somewhere there is medical waste. Whereas Gopal Bhargava has said that Congressmen are falling down like ripe plums.

Opposition is calling BJP's claims false

However, opposition party Congress is calling this claim of BJP as false. PCC Chief Jitu Patwari says that not more than 350 people have joined BJP. Those who want to avoid notice, those who are under pressure from the administration or fear about the future, are joining BJP. If they can't do any good to Congress then what good will they do to BJP? We are not afraid of any mischief of BJP, he said.

Those joining BJP will mix like sugar in milk: CM

On the other hand, MP Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that the people joining BJP will get mixed like sugar in milk. The enjoyment of milk will increase further.

CM Dr. Yadav was addressing the party workers in a program organized at Idgah Hills in the capital Bhopal on the foundation day of the party. He said that people are raising questions that if so many people join BJP, then what will happen to the old BJP people? He said that if we mix all these people like sugar in milk, then the pleasure and sweetness of milk will increase. People joined BJP that is why BJP became the biggest party in the world, those who want to do good work will join us.

Giving an example, the Chief Minister said that if a dam is built in a river, then many fields are irrigated and many houses get drinking water. The wisdom lies in knowing how to use it judiciously.

He said that the Congress, while continuously misleading the people of the country, has made a family prominent in the party by forming a one-party government, and has now made a leader who has no capacity.

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