12 Apr 2024

Dissent Grows Against Congress Candidate in Gwalior While BJP Veterans Steer Clear Of BJP Candidate’s Campaigning

Gwalior Lok Sabha Election 2024: Rebellious murmurs are beginning to surface within the party against Congress candidate Praveen Pathak in the Gwalior Lok Sabha seat. The Brahmin Samaj and Brahmin Sangathan in Gwalior have launched a campaign against Congress candidate Praveen Pathak, potentially complicating matters not just for Pathak but also for the Congress party as a whole.

Meanwhile, BJP candidate is also facing a similar situation as there's a notable absence of local veteran leaders in the election campaigns and poll ralies of BJP candidate Bharat Singh Kushwaha.

Following Congress's announcement of Praveen Pathak as their candidate for the Gwalior Lok Sabha seat, Devendra Sharma, the Gwalior City District President of Congress, promptly declared his intention to resign from his position. Despite Praveen Pathak's efforts to persuade him, Sharma remains steadfast in his decision. He has affirmed that he will formally submit his resignation following the elections.

Praveen Pathak failed to dispel Devendra Sharma's dissatisfaction. Concurrently, Gwalior's Brahmin community organizations rallied against Pathak. A press conference convened at the Press Club building in Phool Bagh, Gwalior, on Thursday, saw the presence of Anand Sharma, the patron of Madhya Bharat Brahmin Samaj Organization, Raju Choudhary, the vice president of Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha Madhya Pradesh, and other officials. Notably, many of these individuals have direct ties to the BJP.

Discontent within the party ranks over BJP candidate? 

There's a palpable dissatisfaction within the BJP concerning Bharat Singh Kushwaha's candidacy. Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, who sought the ticket for the Gwalior seat, was overlooked despite his significant role in the Ram Temple construction campaign as the national president of Bajrang Dal. Consequently, his absence from Bharat Singh Kushwaha's election campaign has been conspicuous.

Despite CM Mohan Yadav's public meeting, senior local BJP leaders appear to be divided. A similar scenario unfolds within the Congress camp regarding their candidate, Praveen Pathak. The outcome of this discontent within both parties remains uncertain as the upcoming elections draw near.

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