23 Apr 2024

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Hezbollah unleashes volley of Katyusha rockets targeting Israeli army headquarters amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Iran

Hezbollah unleashed a volley of Katyusha rockets targeting an Israeli army headquarters in northern Israel on Sunday night amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. Hezbollah, a militant organization based in Lebanon, receives substantial financial and military support from Iran.

Hezbollah acknowledged responsibility for the rocket assault on the Ein Zeitim Base, targeting the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Brigade of the 91st Division. They claimed to have fired "dozens" of Katyusha rockets. 

Allegedly, this action was prompted by Israeli intrusions into southern Lebanese communities, notably recent strikes on Srifa, Odaisseh, and Rab Tlatin.

The Israeli military said around 35 rockets were launched from Lebanon toward the Ein Zeitim vicinity, causing no casualties. Israeli forces retaliated by striking the origins of the rocket barrage.

Casualties have risen on both sides

Since the conflict began, casualties have risen on both sides. In Lebanon, AFP reports indicate that at least 376 individuals, mostly Hezbollah fighters, have lost their lives, with 70 civilian casualties. Meanwhile, on the Israeli front, 10 soldiers and eight civilians have died.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have reached a critical point

Tensions between Israel and Iran have reached a critical point, with Tehran issuing a strong warning following recent provocations. Nasser Kanaani, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, cautioned that any further actions deemed as "mistakes" by Israel would provoke a more severe and definitive response from Iran.

Regarding recent incidents near Isfahan, where explosions were reported, believed to be from an Israeli strike, Kanaani condemned the attack as both "troubling and malicious." He stated that Iran's air defense effectively intercepted the assault.

On Sunday, rockets originating from northern Iraq were launched at a military installation in Syria that houses a coalition led by the United States. The coalition fighting against jihadist groups stated that one of its aircraft in Iraq took out a launcher in self-defence upon receiving reports of an unsuccessful rocket strike near a base in northeastern Syria. They said that no US personnel sustained injuries during the incident.

Protests have erupted in Israel against PM Netanyahu 

As Israel marked the beginning of Passover, protests have erupted against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the 133 individuals held captive by Hamas in Gaza. Hundreds gathered outside Prime Minister Netanyahu's residence yesterday, calling for action to secure the release of the hostages. 

Protests in US

In the US, university campuses are witnessing protests against the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Yale University saw multiple arrests linked to these demonstrations, while Columbia University witnessed a significant assembly of protesters establishing a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" on the campus grounds. Amidst these events, some Jewish students at the New York institution expressed feeling intimidated and faced instances of anti-Semitism during the protests.

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