7 Apr 2024

Israel-Hamas War: Why thousands of people hit streets in Israel demanding PM Netanyahu's resignation

Israel-Hamas War: On Saturday, after the body of Elhad Katzir, who was captured by Hamas, was recovered, people's anger erupted and tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Israel.

Katzir's sister, Carmit Palti Katzir, held Israeli authorities responsible for her brother's death in a social media post and said that had a new ceasefire agreement had been reached, her brother would be alive.

The Israeli military said on Saturday that it had retrieved the body of 47-year-old Elad Katzir — who was kidnapped during the Oct. 7 Hamas-led attack on Israel and held captive in Gaza.

Katzir was from Nir Oz, a kibbutz near the Gaza border. The small community of 400 residents was among the hardest hit in Israel on Oct. 7.

About 50 people were killed, including Katzir's father, and 77 were abducted, including Katzir's mother. She was later released alive on Nov. 24 as part of a temporary cease-fire deal.

One lakh people demonstrated at 50 places

Opponents of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu claim that one lakh people demonstrated at 50 places in the country including Tel Aviv.

The protesters were demanding the immediate resignation of Netanyahu and holding of elections.

Exactly six months of the Gaza war are being completed on Sunday, but the Israeli hostages taken to Gaza during the Hamas attack on October 7 last year have not been freed yet.

A video of Ilhad from January has surfaced in which he is seen safe. It is believed that he somehow remained safe for three months.

On Saturday, family members of those taken hostage also joined the anti-government protesters.

At least 130 Israeli hostages are in custody of Hamas

At present, there are at least 130 Israeli hostages in the custody of Hamas. Israeli protesters are insisting on making a hostage agreement as soon as possible to free these hostages.

However, the next round of talks is to be held in Cairo and will include representatives of Hamas and Israel, along with CIA Director Bill Burns and Qatar's PM Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani.

For the first time since October 7, massive protests against Netanyahu began in Israel last week. There is a lot of anger among the people due to Netanyahu's attitude towards the Gaza war.

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