5 Apr 2024

Israel-Palestine War: Israel Implements Additional Measures amid GPS Blockage as Fear of Retaliatory Attack by Iran Mounts

Amid rising tensions with Iran, GPS has been blocked in Israel so that missile or drone attacks can be neutralized.

Iran has warned of responding to the attack on its consulate in Syria on Monday.

Israel is widely believed to be behind the attack on the Iranian embassy in which 13 people including a senior general of the Revolutionary Guard were killed.

However, Israel has not given any reaction regarding this attack.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has also announced that it is canceling all leave for all soldiers serving in combat units.

Iran's reaction is certain

Israeli officials believe that Iran's reaction is certain and a retaliatory attack could take place on Friday. Friday itself is 'Jerusalem Day'. This is also the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

On Thursday, GPS systems were disrupted in central Israel. A journalist told that his GPS location shows Cairo while he is in Jerusalem. Many people have shared similar things on social media.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that GPS blocking was being used in the country - which he called "spoofing".

GPS is already disrupted in northern Israel near the border with Lebanon where for the last six months there has been almost daily exchange of fire between Israel and the Iran-backed group Hezbollah.

People urged not to resort to panic buying

Apart from this, the IDF has appealed to the people not to resort to panic buying.

There are reports in Israeli media that Israel has put some embassies on alert or been evacuated due to possible Iranian attacks.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also said the attack by Israel will be responded to, although it was unclear what action Iran might take in response.

For the first time in the long-running history of targeted killings between the two countries, Israel has killed so many top officers of the Iran’s elite force.

Pressure increasing on Israel over killing of aid workers 

Meanwhile, international pressure is increasing on Israel over the killing of seven aid workers of the World Central Kitchen working on Monday in Gaza.

The group's founder says his workers' cars were targeted "systematically, one by one."

The deaths of these seven aid workers have caused other aid groups to fear for the safety of their staff, leading many groups to stop deliveries in northern Gaza.

IDF Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi apologized and said the accident was a mistake, calling it a "serious mistake".

US President Joe Biden has said that the killing of aid workers in Gaza is "unacceptable".

Biden has appealed to Prime Minister Netanyahu to immediately agree to a ceasefire and said that Israel should take strong and concrete steps on the safety of the common people and the safety of help workers.

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