27 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh: High Court made this remark on death of children after falling into open borewells; 6 kids have died in 1 year in state

Madhya Pradesh High Court has strongly criticized the draft policy of the state government, calling open borewells a silent killer. During the hearing on a petition related to this, the court made a sharp comment and said that the government is being careless even in a sensitive matter like the death of children due to falling into the borewell, a silent killer. Such an unsatisfactory draft policy has never been seen before in such a serious matter. This attitude is extremely worrying and shameful.

During the hearing, the division bench of Chief Justice Ravi Malimath and Justice Vishal Mishra of Madhya Pradesh High Court directed to reveal the name of the officer who prepared the draft within 24 hours. Advocate General Prashant Singh appeared on behalf of the government and expressed regret. Also requested to give two weeks' time to present the new draft policy.

Draft will have to be presented within two weeks

During the hearing, the High Court found that this draft policy has been issued with the signature of the Chief Secretary. Meanwhile, advocate Anshuman Singh, appointed to assist the court in the case, suggested that if the court gives permission, he can present a better draft policy at his level. After hearing this, the High Court handed over the responsibility to the state government and Anshuman Singh to present their respective draft policies within two weeks.

6 kids have dies in 1 year

In the state, at least half a dozen kids, all aged between 3 and 6, have died after falling into open borewells in just one year. This is despite the Supreme Court guidelines given decades ago ensuring that borewell are not kept open.

In fact, last year after the death of a 3-year-old kid in June, Madhya Pradesh high court also took cognisance of the matter after which the govt told the HC that a policy is being framed. Since the promise of a policy at least three more kids have died.

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