16 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Ram Van Gaman Path Works To Gain Pace Post LS Elections

Following a hiatus caused by the Lok Sabha elections and the implementation of the model code of conduct (MCC), the initiatives for the development of the Ram Gaman Path and sites associated with Lord Krishna in Madhya Pradesh are poised to regain momentum. The state government is keenly interested in advancing both projects, with collaboration from departments such as Culture and Urban Administration.

Development of sites linked to Lord Krishna 

The Culture department spearheads coordination for these endeavors. Prior to the MCC coming into effect, groundwork had commenced for the Ram Gaman Path project, including preliminary discussions and decision-making in relevant meetings. However, the initiative concerning the development of sites linked to Lord Krishna is yet to commence.

23 locations across eight dists identified

A senior official from the Culture department disclosed that discussions at higher government levels have touched upon Krishna-related projects, but progress has been stalled pending further action. Additionally, the formation of Krishna Nyas remains pending. According to sources within the Culture department, the Centre has identified 23 locations across eight districts in the state, including Umaria, Shahdol, Satna, Maihar, Anuppur, Panna, Katni, and Narmadapuram, with historical connections to Lord Ram.

Relics from the Ramayana era

These locations boast various relics from the Ramayana era, such as ashrams and ghats, with Chitrakoot being particularly significant due to Lord Ram's prolonged stay during his exile. The Urban Administration department, in collaboration with the ADB, has proposed a substantial investment of Rs 385 crore for the development of Ram-related sites.

Regarding Lord Krishna's connections, it is known that he pursued studies at the Sandipani Ashram in Ujjain and traversed through Madhya Pradesh during his legendary exploits as "Runchor." A comprehensive survey is underway to identify sites associated with Lord Krishna for future development initiatives.

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