13 Apr 2024

MP: Gamer Payal Dhare from Chhindwara Meets PM Modi; Parents Overjoyed

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh: Payal Dhare, a 22-year-old gamer hailing from Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, recently had the honor of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During their meeting, they engaged in a candid discussion covering various topics, including the potential of the gaming industry in India.

Residing in Umranala village within the district, Payal Dhare stands out as the sole female gamer among seven renowned Indian gamers who had the opportunity to converse with the Prime Minister.

The notable gamers in the group are Payal Dhare, Animesh Agarwal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht.

Only female gamer at the table

Dhare expressed her happiness meeting with PM Modi and said she was honoured to be the only female gamer at the table.

"An honour to be the only female gamer at the table, discussing the future of esports, gaming and content creation with PM Narendra Modi. Thank you for recognizing our voices and paving the way for inclusivity in this industry. Dreams turned into reality today!" She wrote on Instagram.

I was filled with pride: Payal Dhare's father 

Meanwhile, Shivshankar Dhare, Payal Dhare's father, expressed immense pride and joy at his daughter's meeting with PM Modi. Speaking to media, he remarked, "I was filled with pride and happiness when my daughter met PM Modi. It was beyond our expectations.”

Payal's father runs a small grocery shop in the village. Payal has three sisters, one of whom is elder to Payal and one is younger than Payal. In the year 2017, Payal studied 12th from Chhindwara and then went to her maternal uncle's place. Payal did her further studies from there. 

Started gaming channel during lockdown

During the lockdown, she started a gaming channel there and gradually set up her gaming platform in Chhindwara, starting her online gaming journey on YouTube.

Payal started her YouTube channel in the year 2018. The channel is named Payal Gaming. Earlier she had not decided whether to start gaming or something else, gradually attention shifted towards gaming. This is the reason why she started getting interested in it. She used to play new games every day and learn about them. This was the reason why she started making videos again, says Shivshankar.

Relocated to Mumbai

Describing her relocation from Chhindwara to Mumbai, he elaborated on the challenges they faced as her fan base grew. Payal attended a gaming boot camp in Mumbai to enhance her skills, necessitating frequent trips. Eventually, recognizing the convenience and opportunities in Mumbai, she expressed her desire to relocate, which led to discussions with her mentors at the boot camp and ultimately her move to Mumbai.

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