3 Apr 2024

MP: Shivpuri's girl student and her friend caught in Indore, girl had faked her own abduction

MP Indore News: Shivpuri's girl student who faked her own abduction and her friend Harshit were caught by Indore Crime Branch. Both were hiding in Shivaji Vatika Colony of Devguradiya. Before this, both of them spent a few days surviving on langar in Amritsar. They took a new room on rent four days ago but were caught by the police.

20-year-old girl, resident of Bairad (Shivpuri) had faked her own abduction on March 18 and demanded Rs 30 lakh from her father Raghuveer. The girl student was studying at a coaching class of Kota. Her mother had got her admitted in a coaching and returned after getting her admitted in Kota. But she also did not attend coaching and came with her friend Harshit. Investigation revealed that the girl had conspired with her friend Harshit to go abroad. 

Photographs of the girl were taken by tying her hands and feet in a hostel on Bholaram Ustad Marg in Indore and sent to father Raghuveer. When the police of Vigyan Nagar police station of Kota searched, the girl and her friend absconded. On Tuesday, the police caught both of them from Devguradia, Indore.

Went to Amritsar

According to Additional DCP Rajesh Dandotiya, during interrogation it was told that both of them had gone to Amritsar. They stayed at the Gurudwara and survived on langar. They reached Devguradiya four days ago and and took a room on rent. 

Seeing suspicious activities the informer informed the police. In the evening the team reached the colony and caught both of them. According to ADCP, information has been given to Kota Police. A reward of Rs 20,000 was announced on the information of both of them.

Girl admitted to faking her own abduction

As soon as information about the recovery was received, Additional Police Commissioner Amit Singh and DCP Hansraj Singh arrived to inquire. The student admitted to faking her own abduction and demanding ransom from her father. 

She said, her relatives used to put pressure on her to become a doctor. She was weak in studies. She was having an affair with Harshit. Both of them lived together while studying in Bhanwarkuan area. They applied for passport and the girl gave fake information of kidnapping.

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