16 Apr 2024

Rajasthan News: Land sinks to 70 feet depth in Lunkaransar tehsil of Bikaner, panic in area, officials rush to spot

The news of land subsidence spread panic among the people in Lunkaransar tehsil of Bikaner in Rajasthan on Tuesday. The natural disaster was reported from a Dhani of Sahagrasar village of Lunkaransar area. People of Dhani Bhopalaram Road were going about their daily routine, when suddenly they saw that the land some distance away from Dhani started sinking. According to some eyewitnesses, the land has sunk ny about 70 feet. 

The villagers were shocked by the sudden land subsidence and the matter was immediately informed to the police. After the information, SDM Rajendra Kumar reached the spot with the police team and the entire matter is being observed by getting videography done through drones.

According to the report, about one and a half bigha of land is estimated to have caved in. It has been told that the ground has sunk about 70 feet deep. The reasons for the land subsidence have not been known yet. However, geology experts have been called from Bikaner to investigate the spot.

Various discussions are going on on the spot. There is a discussion that some time ago lightning had struck here, due to which it is believed that the ground has sunk. At the same time, some other people say that water flows below, due to which the land sank. Many other people are making different speculations about land subsidence.

It is not a common occurrence for such a large piece of land to sink to a depth of 70 feet. Locals say there must be some big reason behind it, which is likely to be revealed only after investigation.

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