20 Apr 2024

What did Akash Anand, BSP's new face and successor of Mayawati, say on allegations of party being B-team of BJP?

Akash Anand, who has emerged as the new face and successor of Bahujan Samaj Party, is in the news these days. Apart from political rallies, he is also in the news through media interviews. He is also trying to give a new color to the party on social media.

Akash Anand is the nephew of Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati. He was designated by her as her successor in December last year.

Frequently appearing in party gatherings, the 28-year-old Akash holds the formal title of BSP's national coordinator.

According to Akash Anand's verified social media profile, he identifies as "A youthful advocate of Baba Saheb's ideology."

Akash Anand criticizes Uttar Pradesh's young Dalit leader Chandrashekhar Azad in political rallies without taking his name. BSP fought the last Lok Sabha elections in alliance with Samajwadi Party and won ten seats, but this time BSP is contesting alone. Akash Anand believes that this is a well-thought-out strategy of the party.

Akash Anand rejected the allegations of calling BSP the B-team of BJP, but on the question related to the possibility of BSP aligning BJP after the elections, he also said that the aim of BSP is to come to political power. For this the party will do whatever is right.

He did not clearly rule out the possibility of going with BJP. He said, "Our ultimate goal is to come to political power, so that we can work for our society."

He said, "We will not compromise on our ideology, we will not compromise on our principles, we will use the opportunities so that we can serve our people."


This is not a legacy but a responsibility

After making Akash Anand the political successor, allegations of dynasty politics have also been raised.

However, Anand dismisses these allegations and says, "Before us, and before putting the family first, Behenji (Mayawati) gave opportunity to at least four people who were not from the family, but they could not fulfill the responsibility.

After some time, senior leaders of the party advised that someone from the family should be promoted as a custodian, after that I got the responsibility, we are like custodians and not heirs, this is not a legacy but a responsibility, we will continue like this.

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