20 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Why CM Mohan Yadav made mention of Pakistan and PoK in poll rally in Narmadapuram

Bhopal: Chief Minister Mohan Yadav lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting that even people in Pakistan express a desire for leadership akin to his. During an election rally in the Hoshangabad Lok Sabha constituency of Madhya Pradesh, Yadav asserted that India's partition was a result of Congress's actions.

Addressing the poll rally on Friday evening, Yadav asserted that people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) aspire to join India due to the challenges faced in their homeland.

Yadav emphasized, "Leaders in Pakistan, including former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, have openly expressed their admiration for Narendra Modi. A leader's worth is evident when even adversaries acknowledge their prowess. Modi's leadership fills us with pride."

Yadav blames Cong for country's partition

He criticized the Congress, blaming the policies of the party for the partition of the country. Yadav remarked, "The Congress bears the mark of division on its forehead, having sowed the seeds of separation between Bharat and Pakistan. The absence of BJP or Jan Sangh during partition underlines Congress's responsibility for the divide. Parts of Punjab ended up in Pakistan due to Congress's actions."

Yadav further condemned Congress's fear-mongering during the abrogation of Article 370, stating, "Congress spread fear during the abrogation, predicting rivers of blood. Yet, the nation rejoices as Article 370's stigma is erased. The jubilation extends to Kashmir, with even residents of PoK expressing a desire to join India due to economic hardships in Pakistan."

Polling for the Hoshangabad LS seat is scheduled for the second phase on April 26.

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