20 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024: What did Kamal Nath say about Ram temple and being a Hindu?

Betul (Madhya Pradesh): Congress leader Kamal Nath has said that 'I proudly say that I am a Hindu and I have my own feelings.' He said that the Ram temple is not just BJP's but yours and mine.

Kamal Nath had come to Betul, Madhya Pradesh to address a meeting in support of Congress candidate Ramu Tekam.

Nath said, "BJP talks about Ram. They say that they have built Ram temple. This Ram temple is built with your donations. This Ram temple is yours and mine.

The Congress leader said, ''I built the biggest Hanuman temple in Chhindwara but never boasted about it. Religion is a matter of morals and values, not of political propaganda. We do not bring religion to the political platform. I proudly say that I am a Hindu and I have my own feelings."

'BJP intends to amend the Constitution'

At the gathering, he also accused the BJP of having intentions to amend the Constitution. He said, “The Bharatiya Janata Party is trying to tamper with the Constitution. Their goal is to amend the Constitution. But you all are the protectors of the Constitution and democracy. You are the protector of the country's culture,” said Nath to the public.

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