2 Apr 2024

What Maneka Gandhi Said About Varun Gandhi Not Getting Ticket from Pilibhit

During her visit to Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, senior BJP leader and MP from Sultanpur, Maneka Gandhi, expressed her contentment with being in the BJP despite her son Varun Gandhi not receiving a party ticket from Pilibhit.

Maneka Gandhi said, "I am in BJP and am very happy about it. I thank Amit Shah, PM Modi and Nadda ji for the ticket. The ticket was announced quite late, so there was a dilemma as to where I should fight. From Pilibhit or Sultanpur. I am happy with the decision taken by the party."

Commenting on the delay in her candidature, she said, "I think the delay was because there was some confusion in the party about whether to field me from Sultanpur or from my previous constituency Pilibhit."

She was asked what Varun Gandhi would do now. On this question she said, "Ask him what they would like to do. We will consider this after the elections. There is time.''

In response to questions about the Congress offering Varun the Amethi Lok Sabha seat, she replied, "I will not comment on any of this, and you, too, must drop this subject now."

Asked what is her agenda for Sultanpur, Maneka said, "I had made a list of some 60 tasks for Sultanpur of which I have been able to finish around 24-25. I am referring to big tasks here. So that is my agenda, to make Sultanpur beautiful, keep the people happy and to take care of the constituency like a mother. What else can I do?

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