27 May 2024

Action in Jaipur Rajasthan after Rajkot Gujarat gaming zone fire accident, see details here

After the gaming zone accident in Rajkot, Gujarat, instructions have been given to monitor gaming zones in Rajasthan also.

Municipal Corporation Greater and fire officials have sealed six gaming zones in Jaipur.

This action has been taken after security flaws were found in these gaming zones.

Deputy Fire Commissioner Sarita Chaudhary and Chief Fire Officer Gautam Lal along with the team checked gaming zones in many malls of Jaipur.

Six gaming zones, including Bhoot Bungalow, Horror House, Gamer Zone, have been seized after lapses in fire safety were found.

Gaming zones were made using highly flammable materials 

Sarita Choudhary told media, "We are taking continuous action to ensure that an accident like Rajkot does not happen. Six gaming zones have been seized. Investigation is being done at other places also."

She said, "These gaming zones are made using highly flammable materials like wood, thermocol, plastic, cloth, rubber."

If Rajkot accident had not happened, would this action have been taken? And did they have fire NOC? How were these gaming zones running when there were so many flaws?

On these questions of media, Sarita Chaudhary said, "We take action. The specific gaming zones did not have NOC, the entire mall has NOC. We will continue this action."

Over 20 gaming zones in Jaipur

Chief Fire Officer Gautam Lal said, "There are more than twenty gaming zones in Jaipur, we are getting them surveyed."

Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater Commissioner Rukmani Riar has called a meeting of officials on Monday. Instructions will be given regarding action taken at the gaming zone.

The Autonomous Government Department has issued orders to inspect the security arrangements in all the gaming zones across the state.

Commissioners of all the municipal bodies of the state will form committees to conduct inspections, the commissioners will monitor this entire operation.

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