27 May 2024

Arvind Kejriwal files petition in Supreme Court to extend bail, gives this reason

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to extend the time of his interim bail by 7 days.

While talking to media, AAP leader Atishi confirmed this.

She said, “When he (Arvind Kejriwal) was in ED custody, he had lost seven kilos of weight. Sudden weight loss is a matter of concern for doctors. Despite getting bail and being under the supervision of doctors, he has not been able to gain his weight again. “Preliminary tests have indicated that his ketone levels are very high.”

Atishi said that due to high ketone level as well as sudden weight loss, there can be a risk of serious diseases like cancer and kidney.

The interim bail granted to Mr Kejriwal has sparked controversy, with BJP leaders alleging that he received "special treatment" from the Supreme Court. However, the justices involved in granting the bail have firmly stated that no exceptions were made in Mr Kejriwal's favour.

He said that this is the reason why doctors have asked Arvind Kejriwal to undergo PET scan of the whole body and many other tests.

ED had arrested Arvind Kejriwal in the alleged liquor scam of Delhi. The Supreme Court granted him bail till June 2.

Kejriwal was initially granted interim bail until June 1 by the Supreme Court to facilitate his participation in the Lok Sabha election campaign. As per the ruling, he is required to surrender and return to Tihar Jail on June 2.

Max Hospital's medical team has already conducted preliminary examinations. The Chief Minister's legal counsel argued that these tests are crucial for his well-being and requested the court to consider the extension to complete the necessary medical investigations.

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