10 May 2024

MP: BAP MLA Kamlesh Dodiyar turns around in 24 hours, makes a big revelation about leaving the party

Sailana MLA Kamleshwar Dodiyar: There was a stir in Madhya Pradesh's political landscape when news emerged of the well-known Sailana MLA Kamlesh Dodiyar parting ways with BAP. The party leadership had expressed dissatisfaction with Bharat Adivasi Party MLA Kamlesh Dodiyar, and issued a notice to him. Speculation arose about Dodiyar potentially joining the BJP, and he has since made significant revelations on this matter.

Kamlesh Dodiyar made a post on Facebook on Thursday, after which politics became heated. He wrote in his Facebook post, "I am engaged in the registration work of a new political party for you so that our MPs do not have to beg here and there for tickets."

This was our strategy: Kamlesh Dodiyar

When questioned by reporters about his potential affiliation with the BJP or Congress, Kamlesh Dodiyar stated, "These actions were part of our strategy, leading to significant progress. It was more of a stunt, and we did not face any negative repercussions. I aimed to gauge the level of support and dedication from people who would stand by me during this time."

That's why the party sent the notice

When questioned about his actions, MLA Kamleshwar Dodiyar explained that his approach was strategic, stating, "I was carrying out my duties in my own manner, preparing diligently even while confined to a room." 

Addressing the notice received from the leadership of the Bharat Adivasi Party, Dodiyar attributed it to misinformation spread by junior officials. He clarified that the notice was a result of misguidance and dissemination of inaccurate information.

man of humble origins

Kamleshwar Dodiyar, a man of humble origins, becane famous when he rode 350 kilometers on a motorbike from his constituency to the Assembly, a journey that soon became a symbol of his commitment to the people he represents.

Dodiyar, the lone MLA of his party, was elected from the Sailana constituency in Ratlam district in the November 17 elections to the Madhya Pradesh Assembly. He rode to Bhopal on motorcycle as he could not get a car, and broadcast his ride live through social media. The MLA, who works as a daily wage laborer when not serving in the Assembly, chose this modest mode of transportation to fulfill his legislative duties in Bhopal.

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