27 May 2024

Gujarat: Surat TRP game zone was not a cement concrete structure, was made of iron and fabrication sheets

So far 30 people have died and many are injured in the fire that broke out in TRP Game Zone of Rajkot.

The fire was so severe that within a few minutes the entire game zone was burnt to ashes.

Due to this accident, questions are being raised on the local authorities of Rajkot, the owners of the game zone, the responsible officials and the Gujarat government.

Welding sparks caused the fire

Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava said that fabrication work was going on inside the game zone and a large amount of inflammable material was kept there. It is believed that large quantity of petrol and diesel was kept.

A CCTV footage of the fire at a gaming site at Gujarat's Rajkot that has now emerged, shows the fire had started while welding.  The footage shows the fire spreading from the sparks emitted during the welding.

Despite efforts to extinguish it, the fire spread. It is feared that welding sparks could have caused the fire.

Bhargava has said that the cause of the accident will be fully investigated.

The Gujarat government has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the cause of the fire.

Management had not taken permission regarding fire safety

Sources say that the TRP game zone where the fire broke out was not a cement concrete structure.

The fire brigade says that the management of the TRP game zone had not taken permission regarding fire safety.

Now the question is that if fire safety permission was not taken then how was this game zone being managed and if it was being run without permission then why were no efforts made to stop it?

The police have registered an FIR in this matter and started investigation.

Police have arrested two people in this case and have registered a case against six people under sections 304, 308, 337, 338, 114 of IPC.

Officials said that an FIR has been registered against TRP Game Zone owner Yuvraj Hari Singh Solanki, manager Nitin Jain and others at Rajkot Taluka Police Station.

Police have started investigation against Dhawal Thakkar, owner of Dhawal Corporation, partner in TRP Game Zone, and Ashok Singh Jadeja, Kirit Singh Jadeja, Prakash Chand Hiran, Yuvraj Singh Solanki and Rahul Rathore, partners of Race Way Enterprises, operators of TRP Game Zone. .

2 to 3 storeys high structure was made of  iron and fabrication sheets

"All these people, with the help of iron and fabrication sheets, constructed a structure approximately 50 meters wide and approximately 60 meters long and two to three storeys high and made it a game zone," the police FIR said.

Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava has said that out of the six people against whom FIR has been registered, two have been taken into custody.

He told that the FSL team is collecting evidence in the case. He said, "Our effort is to file a charge sheet in this case as soon as possible."

The police FIR also states that effective fire safety measures were not taken in this dangerous area to stop the fire and save human lives. Also, this game zone was being run without obtaining NOC or certificate from the fire brigade.

It has been said in the FIR that the operators of this game zone have committed a crime by running the game zone despite knowing that there is a possibility of death of a person due to minor or serious injury on their premises.

The fire safety equipment required to prevent fire was not working in this entire zone.

The government has said that after this accident, orders have been given to close all the gaming zones in the city. It is also being seen which game zones have not taken necessary permissions from the administration.

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