18 May 2024

Guna News: Tribal Woman's House Demolished, Consumes Poison, What Local MLA Said?

In a tragic incident in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, a tribal woman named Kalabai attempted suicide after her house was demolished by local authorities. Despite her appeals, the administration did not heed her pleas, leading her to consume poison. She has been referred to Bhopal in critical condition, causing a significant uproar.

Demolition and Aftermath

Kalabai's husband stated that their house was demolished under the claim that it belonged to another person. However, he asserts that the plot is legally registered under his name through a government lease. Without any proper inspection, their two-storey house was razed to the ground by a bulldozer.

Political Response

MLA Pannalal Shakya, representing the Guna assembly constituency from the BJP, criticized his own government for the hasty demolition. He called for the same level of promptness in addressing other unethical activities in the area. Shakya claimed that he is being discriminated against and questioned the dominance in his constituency.

Allegations of Corruption

Serious allegations have been made against the administrative officials involved. The local Patwari is accused of demanding a bribe of one lakh rupees. When SDM Shivani Pandey visited the district hospital to check on Kalabai, she refused to comment and was seen evading the media. The Gram Panchayat had previously declared Panchu tribal and Kalabai as the rightful owners of the plot.

Call for Investigation

The administration has now stated that a full investigation into the matter will be conducted to address the allegations and the circumstances surrounding the demolition.

This incident highlights the need for thorough and transparent administrative processes to prevent such tragic outcomes and ensure justice for affected individuals.

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