6 May 2024

Health: 138 sudden deaths due to heart attacks in Surat in 150 days, rise in younger heart attacks leads to panic among parents

Gujarat Surat Heart Attack News: Heart attack has increased the concern of people in Surat, Gujarat. There have been 138 sudden deaths due to heart attacks in the last 150 days, which has increased the concern of the people. The number of people visiting the hospitals for ECG has increased manifold. In these sudden deaths, the post mortem report of the deceased has found that death occurred in most cases due to formation of blood clot.

In the last 150 days alone, 138 people have died suddenly in the city. Due to which the risk of heart attack has increased especially among the youth. Rise in heart attacks among children and youngsters has led to panic among parents.

The large number of deaths due to sudden heart attacks is disconcerting especially in view of the concerns about the possible adverse side effects of Covishield vaccine. Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca recently admitted in the U.K. court documents that its vaccine against COVID-19 ((which was made and sold in India as Covishield) has the potential to cause Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), a rare side effect associated with blood clotting. 

Due to thrombocytopenia syndrome, blood clots start forming in the body and/or platelets start falling rapidly in the body which may cause heart attack or brain stroke. This has created a certain degree of panic among some people in India. particularly among those who received the Covishield vaccine.

However, doctors in Surat, Gujarat have so far not confirmed any link between the sudden rise in heart attack deaths with Covishield vaccine.

Nevertheless the state of Gujarat has seen a sharp increase in deaths due to heart attacks especially in the last one year. In December last year the state government said 1,052 persons died of heart attacks in Gujarat in a period of six months. Shockingly, 80% of the deceased were in the 11 to 25 years age group. The death of such large number of children from heart attack had baffled even doctors leading to panic among parents.

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