13 May 2024

Indore: Chhappan Dukan’s heartwarming gesture for voters

Indore: In Indore, the renowned hub of 'Chhappan Dukan' made a delightful offer to early voters by serving them complimentary Poha-Jalebi and ice cream on Monday. To claim their breakfast treat, voters simply had to display their inked fingers to the shopkeepers.

This thoughtful initiative was spearheaded by the Shopkeepers Association of Indore's iconic 56 Dukaan, aiming to bolster voter turnout for the Lok Sabha elections-2024 in the city. Enthusiastic voters formed long queues, relishing their breakfast across various shops in the bustling 56 Dukan Market.

The President of the Merchant Association, representing the city's beloved chaat-chowpatty food enclave, announced that voters who exercised their franchise between 7 and 9 AM would be treated to complimentary Poha and Jalebi.

Shyamlal Sharma, a shop owner at 56 Dukan, expressed, "During the state assembly polls, we provided free breakfast to approximately 5,000-6,000 people. This time, our goal is to serve around 11,000-12,000 people."

Additionally, Kailash Rijhwani, an ice cream vendor, said, "Chhappan Dukan is extending ice cream treats to all voters, not merely as a freebie, but as a gesture of gratitude to our nation and Indore. We salute the voters who dedicatedly rose early to exercise their democratic rights." He further added, "I extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who cast their ballots in the early hours."

Woman came to Indore from America to vote, first time voters click selfies

Meanwhile Indore residents have shown the same passion towards voting as they have towards cleanliness. Among those who voted at various polling stations from Monday, there were some people who chose to cast their vote by ignoring their problems.

Not only this, voters came from even America to Indore to keep their franchise alive. While someone came to vote on a wheelchair, someone came to vote in a group with retired friends. All these are examples of healthy democracy, which inspire others to be a part of the country's biggest festival.

Besides, young first time voters were very excited. They proudly showed their inked finger and looked very happy and proud.

After casting their votes, youngsters clicked selfies and shared them on social media platforms. These youths expressed their joy in exercising their franchise for the first time, showcasing their inked fingers.

Ritika Malviya said that voting for the first time made her happy. “I have contributed to the development of the country by casting my vote,” she expressed.

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