11 May 2024

Israel-Palestine Conflict: What US said about Israel using American weapons in Gaza

The US has expressed suspicion that Israel has broken international humanitarian law on some occasions by using American weapons during the war in Gaza.

However, the US government has also said that there is no complete information about this yet. A report regarding this has also been submitted to the US Parliament.

The US President has ordered an investigation into how Israel has used the American weapons sent since last year.

America has recently asked Israel not to launch any major operation in Gaza's Rafah.

America has also said that if Israel launches any major operation in Rafah, it will stop the supply of weapons.

However, Israel is claiming that it cannot win the war against Hamas without launching a major operation in Rafah.

Israeli PM Netanyahu has said that if necessary, Israel will stand alone in this fight.

America and other organizations believe that if Israel launches a major operation in Rafah, thousands of people may die.

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